Don't Wake Albert

Highly Kind
Rob Johnson
Hittin' The Note Magazine
Posted: March 17, 2009

One of the best compliments anyone can pay to a new band is to say that they sound like a seasoned group. This is a fitting reaction to Don?t Wake Albert, the debut album from Alabama?s Highly Kind. By the time this CD is over, you will feel like you have known this band for years. With a name like Highly Kind, you might expect a generic jam band disc but that is not the case. There is a mellow twangy vibe on most of this record, evoking soft-rock favorites like Cowboy more so than Phish or the Grateful Dead. Albert Simpson is the album?s namesake , and there is little doubt that Highly Kind is his band. His folksy, back porch vocals make you believe he?s talking directly to you, and he reveals a lot of himself on songs like ?Bury My Soul? and ?Fell off the Wagon.? Randall Bramblett contributes three tunes, including the wonderfully named ?Don?t Wake Elvis,? which inspired the title of the disc. Don?t Wake Albert marks the recording debut of guitar phenom Josh Gooch, a self-taught teenage prodigy who plays on six tracks ? check out his silky smooth tone on ?Home.? Also featured is another rising young talent, Duane Trucks, on drums; Duane proves himself more than capable on this release. There aren?t any long jams here, but Don?t Wake Albert is not that kind of album. The focus is always firmly on the song, and on creating a relaxed, inviting vibe that makes listening to this disc like hanging out with an old friend. By: Rob Johnson Hittin' The Note Magazine