Highly Kind's "Don't Wake Albert" Reviewed

Bill Thames
Posted: January 27, 2009

I just got a copy of Don't Wake Albert, Highly Kind's new release. Man this CD has just about everything I love about music in one recording, great writing, great playing, and great producing. There's something warm and familiar about the feel of the whole CD, kind of like slipping into a comfortable well-worn pair of shoes...Maybe it's the music itself, the style, or Johnny Sandlin's mystical touch, but it feels very comfortable after first listen. Albert Simpson's songs are just great, and add to that a handful by Steve Conn and Randall Bramblett, and you have a songwriting trifecta with the Highest Kind of payoff (sorry I couldn't help it). I don't know what it is, but after a few spins there is something very interesting about this recording, almost introspective, as if we're getting a peek into Simpson's personal world. Very cool, and what a wonderful way to showcase Josh Gooch, a great young player who was invited to test his wings a bit on this recording. You guys sure seem to have it going on up there in Gadsden. Bill