Microwave Dave and the Nukes

Australia's CAPITAL NEWS
April 2007
Posted: May 1, 2007

An explosive incendiary deviceā€¦this three piece rocks like crazy.

Down (or up?) in Alabama a bloke called MICROWAVE DAVE has been cranking out some high octane slide guitar and rough hewn vocals for many a year. With his stripped down (bass & drums) unit THE NUKES he is as pumped up as he can be on the brand new release Down South Nukin' (Rockin' Camel). In fact the old Bo Diddley opener Road Runner kicks like a camel and at near seven mins long is an explosive incendiary device that the album takes a few tracks to recover from. I would love to see what Dave could do to (for example) a late night Gympie crowd with song such as 20% Alcohol, Shot Gun Slim and Hip Shakin' this three piece rocks like crazy (most) of the night long. Pausing just long enough to salute a lost guitar brother with the instrumental RAY BRAND, Dave tears up the strings and creates hitherto unknown nodules on vocal chords.

Keith Glass/ Capital News, Australia