Michael "Buffalo" Smith - Gritz
Posted: November 20, 2007

End of summer 2007, founder of Gritz Magazine, Michael "Buffalo" Smith, made a trip up to Rockin' Camel Mountain in Gadsden, AL. We invite you to read the story below.


By: Michael "Buffalo" Smith

Our primary goal of the trip, besides handing out the videos, was to shoot the camel on top of the mountain. Carl Weaver's pet camel, Akbar, that is. Carl wanted Peck to shoot video of the camel for a new logo he is working on. Since we needed to be in Gadsden, Alabama the next morning to shoot the camel, we elected to drive on down to Gadsden that night and rest up for Saturday.

We arrived in Gadsden a few hours later to find all the hotel rooms in town booked. Carl told us to go over to his "band house" to spend the night. Carl also owns and operates the 2nd Street Music Hall in town, and has a really nice old house in town where the bands stay when they come to play at 2nd Street.

Carl had a young lady that works for him meet us at the house and let us in. Meagan was very nice and set us up. Weaver has nice folks all around him, working for him. Smart man.

This place was awesome..........

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