Danny Brooks

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Samples from "No Easy Way Out"

Track 01 - Ain't That The Truth - Listen
Track 02 - All God's Children - Listen
Track 03 - No Easy Way Out - Listen
Track 04 - Keys To My Heart - Listen
Track 05 - Bama Bound - Listen
Track 06 - Miracles For Breakfast - Listen
Track 07 - Lonesome Road - Listen
Track 08 - Where Sinners And Saints Collide - Listen
Track 09 - Memphis, Tennessee - Listen
Track 10 - I Believe In Love - Listen
Track 11 - Carry Me Jesus - Listen

Danny Brooks - In his first Rockin' Camel Music release, No Easy Way Out, Danny Brooks takes the listener on a musical ride through the pages of his own life. From a father who told him music was evil down a path of self-destruction, the emotion in Danny's songs tells the story of a man who has been to the bottom and found his way back up.

And Danny Brooks has a story to tell! His soon to be released book "Miracles for Breakfast" is a no holds barred look at a lifetime of hard knocks and bad choices with a happy ending.

Although Brooks is from Canada, he's got Delta blood flowing through his veins and, with a voice dripping with passion and Southern soul, Danny's singing is reminiscent of Eddie Hiinton, Soloman Burke and Howlin' Wolf rolled into one. It doesn't get any better than that. You won't want to miss this one!!

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