Microwave Dave & The Nukes

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Samples from "Down South Nukin"

Track 01 - Road Runner - Listen
Track 02 - Hip Shakin' - Listen
Track 03 - 20% Alcohol - Listen
Track 04 - Got No Automobile - Listen
Track 05 - Can't Stop Lovin' My Baby - Listen
Track 06 - Ray Brand - Listen
Track 07 - Body And Fender Man - Listen
Track 08 - From A Buick 6 - Listen
Track 09 - It Don't Happen No More - Listen
Track 10 - Shot Gun Slim - Listen
Track 11 - Let's Say Goodnight - Listen
Track 12 - Hey Little Girl - Listen

Microwave Dave & The Nukes - Fifteen-plus years of performances in the U.S. and Europe and five albums with more on the way have helped Microwave Dave & The Nukes establish a wide multinational audience. Venues vary from French soccer stadiums to Bike Week in Daytona Beach, from blues cruises on the Big Red Boat to neighborhood saloons, but the thousands of shows delivered by the band all reflect one core element: the heritage blues music enjoys as a lifter of spirits.

As Microwave Dave puts it: Blues is Americas first and still best self-help program. Formed in 1989, Microwave Dave & the Nukes blues apprenticeship included a three-year stint as Jerry Boogie McCain's back-up band, interspersed with shows backing Bo Diddley, whose styles are integral flavors in the bands recipe. Microwave Dave & the Nukes are best known for their 1995 European hit "Road Runner" from the album " Goodnight Dear" which was produced by Johnny Sandlin (Allman Brothers, Widespread Panic).

Their sixth album , "Down South Nukin' " also produced by Sandlin , is a long awaited live album recorded in Gadsden, Alabama, and includes new songs from the band as well as some of the best songs from their prior albums.

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