Toy Shop

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Samples from "Get Up Now"

Track 01 - Three Flies - Listen
Track 02 - Bed - Listen
Track 03 - Interrupted - Listen
Track 04 - Knock On The Door - Listen
Track 05 - Parking - Listen
Track 06 - Long Long Time - Listen
Track 07 - Crack - Listen
Track 08 - Emily - Listen
Track 09 - Walking - Listen
Track 10 - Cave - Listen
Track 11 - Get Up Now - Listen
Track 12 - Train - Listen
Track 13 - Time Machine - Listen

Toy Shop is a creative and entertaining band whose songs combine elements of rock, jam, and lyrical pop, conjuring images at time comical, at other times introspective.

Legendary producer Johnny Sandlin captured the energetic infectiousness of the band's live performances, showcasing the quartet's musical talent, driving grooves, and vocal harmonies for Get Up Now, Toy Shop's premier release on Rockin' Camel Records.

The Huntsville, Alabama based quartet was formed by British-born brothers, Antony and Andrew Sharpe, whose guitars and keyboards provide the template for Toy Shop's unique sound. The powerful rhythm section of Jim Kolachek on drums and Matt Ross on bass complete the lineup with a feel that blends intense rhythms with attentive subtlety.

The emphasis of the band's live show set list lies within their own fresh and innovative original songs, and also includes covers spanning four decades from the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Tom Waits, Radiohead, Ben Folds Five, Phish, Neil Young, Peter Gabriel, and many other influences.

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