Johnny Barbato & The Lucky Doggs

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Samples from "No Pain No Gain"

Track 01 - No Pain No Gain - Listen
Track 02 - Headin' Down The Highway - Listen
Track 03 - Down To The River - Listen
Track 04 - California - Listen
Track 05 - Angelene - Listen
Track 06 - Southbound Train - Listen
Track 07 - Higher Ground - Listen
Track 08 - Endless Highway - Listen
Track 09 - Find My Way Home - Listen
Track 10 - Dead and Gone - Listen
Track 11 - Cocaine and Jack Daniels - Listen

BARBATO was born in Baton Rouge, LA and raised in New Orleans. Johnny got a dose of Coon Ass Boogie from birth. The Louisiana roots still run deep in both Johnny's vocal style and songwriting. Moving to Alabama in the mid seventies proved to be the turning point in introducing influences such as Hank Williams, the Allman Brothers and Marshall Tucker to name a few.

Today Johnny runs his group The Lucky Doggs up and down the coast. The band's boundaries are expanding as the group has signed its first record deal with ROCKIN CAMEL RECORDS. The label is owned and run by Legendary producer Johnny Sandlin and Gadsden, AL entrepreneur, Carl Weaver.

Johnny Barbato has been a mainstay at the Flora~Bama since the 80's coming and going through the years, but has managed to perform at the Flora~Bama for the past 5-6 years on a weekly basis. "There is no better place to learn your craft than FloraBama".

Presently the THE LUCKY DOGGS feature BROCK BARACKMAN on drums, CLAY CONNOR on bass, HOWIE JOHNSON on guitar along with Johnny. THE LUCKY DOGGS are hungry and sporting a new CD titled NO PAIN -- NO GAIN.

Johnny and the LUCKY DOGGS are currently performing 20 plus shows a month and are traveling the SOUTHEAST. THE LUCKY DOGGS CD can be purchased at the store section on this website.

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