Highly Kind

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Based out of Gadsden, Al., Albert Simpson, lead vocalist/ guitarist/ leader of the band, played in several bands that toured the colleges and couches around the southeast for several years, learning the hard way what it was to be a so called working musician. In 1998, Trey Evans, keyboardist from Montgomery, Al., was dragged kicking and screaming into the band. Several years passed and Trey was dragged into the band again. Straining there way through the musical soup that the southeast had to offer, Al and Trey eventually found a bass player / ex-semi-pro wrestler, from Dothan Al. named Kevin Scott, or as the band calls him Ted Technical. Currently in the process of signing with Rocking Camel Records, the band is working with legendary producer Johnny Sandlin, who produced great acts like The Allman Brothers Band, Widespread panic, Aquarium Rescue Unit, the list goes on and on. Keeping that southern fried sound alive, Highly Kind is surely one of the most entertaining bands on the road.

Highly Kind is currently in the studio recording their new album for Rockin' Camel Music with legendary producer Johnny Sandlin. It will be released late summer 2008.

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